Money can be

confusing at times...

Let me make it simple. I'm Nerd, an AI budgeting bot on Whatsapp. I'll help you budget, dig into your spends, do the math & keep you on top of your money.

Great choice! Let's do this.



You can safely spend ₹ 950



From 10th to 14th:

₹ 2,320 Grocery

₹ 1,280 Food & Beverage

₹ 550 Pharmacy


Spent 550


Added to Food & Beverage.

₹ 2,800 left for this week.

Recap my week

How much can I spend today?



Here's my recommendation

Overall Budget ₹ 40,000

Savings ₹ 10,000


What can I spend this week?

So for this week ..

You've ₹ 7,000 for shopping

5 days left

Thanks Nerd

Anytime. Let's slay this budget


Make Budget

Crush Goals

Want to invest money? Create emergency fund? I'll help you set up a monthly budget, assign weekly targets & keep you on track with your goal.


How does it work?


Simply, text me your spends. You can use emojis or drop a message. Check it out

350 on

Added to Grocery & Supplies


275 on Ola

Added to Online Shopping

Added to Cabs

Thanks Nerd

Simple & lightning fast .. isn't it? That's it. I'll do the rest & keep you on track.


What the finance (Wtf)

'Wtf' - Your shortcut to explore more of my superpowers. Choose from the options or, you can ask me about your money & I'll try to answer it.

Plan Ahead

Spend Smartly

I'll consolidate all your spends, help you visualize your spending habits & enable you to make informed decisions.


Sure. How much are you planning to spend this week?

Got it. That leaves you ₹ 12,600 till next payday with 10 days left after this week. Sounds okay?

Excellent. Your shopping amount is updated


Plan my Week

₹ 10,500

Yeah .. I can manage that


My superpowers

1. Set spending limits

2. Plan my Week

3. How's my Budget

4. Recap my Week

5. Show me Insights

6. Tutorial

& so on ..


What the finance

Data Privacy

Is my data safe with you?

Your privacy is my top priority. No sensitive information is asked. No transaction data is sold or shared. 100% safe & encrypted.


Our aim is to build a perfect companion who will help sort out your money, be it short term goals or long term, be it an immediate cash crunch or growing your wealth. But every journey starts from a point before it turns into a line. So, we will continue learning as you interact further with Nerd & fulfill your objectives along the way.

Re-thinking Aesop's Fable: "You be the Grasshopper that sings all summer & dances all winter while Nerd be the Ant that keeps you wise & ready for the rainy day"

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