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Why is it so difficult to stay motivated to save?

Learning how to save money is one of the essential habits that you can learn in your life. There is no right age to start practicing this skill, and the benefits of saving money are beyond measure. Yet, the number of people who save money wisely is relatively low. Most credit for this goes to the consumer economy that we have built around us. Nowadays, our culture and society decide what we spend our money on and not ourselves. This is what has made it extremely difficult for individuals to sustain a habit of saving. Let us look at some reasons why it is so difficult to stay motivated to save and learn how to save money -

1. Forget why you're saving - Even people who often decide that they must save and even make an effort in that direction end up not saving anything in a few months because they forget why they chose to keep in the first place during the month. So when they are out with their friends or even alone shopping, they ignore the larger picture and end up spending way more than they ideally would have wanted to be in sync with their financial goals. Understanding why you are saving money is more important than learning how to save money.

2. Impulse decisions - Another reason that prevents most people from saving enough is impulse buying. When you go to a store, you will notice that small and catchy items like chocolates and such products are always placed near the counter. The reason for that is that when a person is waiting in the billing line, they look at those products and have a natural craving for it, and they just end up buying it without giving it a second thought. This is only one example of how impulse buying works. Even if you go to a mall, you will notice that you have to pass through all the shops to reach anywhere. The paths are designed so that shops and products get maximum visibility, and you end up buying something you didn’t even plan for. Being emotionally disciplined is how you save money in these situations.

3. Social Pressure - One of the biggest reasons for most of our spending is societal pressure. Now you might feel like no one tells you to buy anything and that it is entirely your choice. However, it is not valid. Many of our decisions are influenced by what is happening around us and what people in our society are doing. You will notice that a company focused on reusing and recycling will have most people doing the same. Similarly, an organization that does not know how to save money will have most people spending recklessly.

4. Lack of plan - Most people think of saving but do not create a list of saving money. They do not automate their savings process and often think of saving what is left after making all expenses. That is the opposite of what should be done. Every month when your salary comes, you should immediately transfer 10% of it into a savings fund and do not even think of that money when you are making or planning your expenses.

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